In presence of grade one magistrate Siena Owomugisha  , Ivan Wabwire a police constable who shot Indian money lender dead on 12th/05/2023 stated that he is mentally stable and murdered  now late Uttam when he was in his  right mental state.

           He spoke these words while making a statement in grade one magistrate’s office at Buganda road on 15th/ 5/2023 concerning the crime of murder by shooting he committed on 12th/05/2023 at around 10:00am at Raja Chambers near parliamentary avenue.

            As he was making his statement, Wabwire said he murdered the Indian money lender because he presented to him un coordinating financial statement concerning his loan that he had taken from TFS financial services.

                   Fred Enanga the Uganda police ‘spokesperson has assured Ugandans that according to the results that were presented to them by experts  concerned with mental stability, Ivan Wabwire was and is mentally stable. “According to his state of being, you can tell that he is mentally stable and was in his right mental state when he was being transported back to Kampala from Busia. Doctors were able to do some mental tests on him and found out that according to whatever he says, does and did prove his mentally stable.” He explained.

             He added Wabwire is not remorseful at all on his action of murder and will face court for his judgment.