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You have got been in Nigeria for two a long time presently. What were you upto down there?
 I had gone to Nigeria to extend my skyline and learn how the motor of the African music industry runs.
 Why Nigeria and not any other country?
Nigeria is the motor of the African amusement industry; conversation almost motion pictures, music, anything to do with excitement, it is nice there and they are developing towards a worldwide showcase, so I needed to see how they are doing and possibly learn a thing or two.
 So, are there lessons you’ve got learnt from Nigeria?
There are very numerous, for example how to convey music, how to urge an universal sound, how to set up structures within the music trade and have a completely useful industry that underpins the artistes, all down to the promoter. There’s a entire part that I have learnt that I cannot put in one sentence.
 How have you been surviving whereas there?
I am marked to Striker Excitement, a Nigerian name that’s based in Uganda so when I was in Nigeria it was more of the
same since I had associations there so it was simple for me to be in Nigeria for two years.
 What have you been upto the past two years?
Well, Covid-19 happened but indeed amid the lockdowns, I chosen to memorize more almost music generation since I am a maker, so I was growing my information. I was too was getting more in match up with Africa’s biggest industry, learning some things and making connections.
Having been portion of both worlds, describe how their music industry is tailored?
The Nigerian industry may be a small distinctive, greater, created and sorted out but that does not cruel our industry isn’t developing since it is moving at a great pace. The Nigerian industry as of now has structures that we are fair attempting to get here. It could be a legitimate develop industry.
What are they doing right that we are not?
 We are doing a part of things right but since we are so centered on Nigeria, we are overlooking we are doing things right. See at this year alone, where a few of Ugandan artistes who have filled up Lugogo Cricket Oval and other settings is jaw-dropping numbers.

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